Hey everyone!  Hope you all are having some good days.

I regretfully have some sad news for you all.  I’ve been slightly out of contact lately because there was a fire two days ago at my apartment.  At around 4:30 in the morning, we were all evacuated by the police.  The house right next to the complex was just consumed in flames and they were all trying to keep the fire from getting to the apartment building.  It didn’t work.  The place is a wreck now and we lost all of our furniture due to all the water damage from the firemen.

Good news is we were able to recover pretty much all of our other things, like most of the electronics and many other things, just not any of the big furniture.  I’m currently staying with some relatives with my mother and we do indeed have a plan when it comes to finding a new place to live.  It also helps that we have renter’s insurance.

I’ll still try to get some work done on my end, but with all this moving around, things are going to be quite hectic.  I want to think everyone who has already given me well wishes.

Stay awesome you all!