How’s it going, everyone?

Well, I just got back from Uchi-Con 2013, or as I like to call it, a perfect start to the con year.  This day went honestly fantastic and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  It was awesome to see everyone and to see such wonderful cosplay.  In speaking of that, this was the first con for me to debut my cosplay of Hawkeye, the Jeremy Renner version from The Avengers movie.  Everyone has been wanting me to do this and I’m so happy to finally get it done.  This has been indeed a perfect start to the year for me.

Another dash of good news!  I remember telling you all about how I was interviewed by a group called the D20 girls.  Well, they finally came out with their winter issue and my interview is right there, pretty impossible to miss.  I actually woke up this morning, opened Facebook, and there it was; a friend posted the article on her page and mentioned my name.  Awesome way to start the day.  You can read it by following this link.

With all that has happened today, I have high hopes for this year.  I plan to apply myself to my craft, reach out to more people and to refine the connections I already have, professional and non.  I hope you all had a good start to the year and that you all work hard to do what you love.

See ya next time!

OH!  And before I forget, here are all of the pictures I took at Uchi-Con today!