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Time for an Upgrade

How’s it going, everyone? You know, I’ve been working at being a voice actor for quite a long time; I think for about over 3 years.  The entire thing has been a ride and I’m proud of all of the accomplishments and friends I’ve made along the way. Anyway, I’m not the same guy I…

My First Compilation Demo!

What’s up, everyone!!

Well, I finally did it!  I have completed my very first compilation demo.  Unlike my other demos, which just features voices I made just for them, this demo features snippets from actual published works that I’ve voiced in!  This collection features clips from (in order):

GGM Stencil Flooring Presentation
Conspirocracy (5 Different Characters)
Gotham High
Artists At The Ready
Dead on the Horizon
Chibi Me!

Again, I’m so happy to be able to pull this off and if I keep getting cast in things, I’ll make more of these compilations.  I’ll make a special spot for them on the demo page of my site here.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy the first one I made!