Hey guys!!  Got some big updates for you!

Just as the title says, I got two new paid voiceover gigs happening soon.  I’m super psyched that work is coming my way more often now.  Maybe this could be a sign for things to come.  Anyway, where is the breakdown on the two new gigs












First up is Super Agents.  An upcoming animation about two secret agents trying to save the world.  I voice Agent 006 & 1/2.  He’s the rabbit on the left and he’s quite the bumbling idiot.  Think Andy from Parks and Recreation.











The other gig is the nest installment from Fun Station 4 Kidz.  In this romp, we learn about the values of sharing as a daddy T-Rex teaches his two kids on why it’s best to share and not fight over toys.  I voice Rex Jr. (the blue one) and you’ll even get to hear me sing!!  There’s a kickstarter coming soon for the animation, so when that’s released, I’ll post again about it.

Well, that’s all I got for now.  I’m super stoked at the work I’m getting and I can’t wait to do more.  This is all gonna lead to good things and I hope to keep you guys entertained.

Stay Awesome!!