Hey there, peeps!

Just thought I’d give an update of what’s going on over on my end.  I have some pretty happy news.  A friend of mine organized a new Facebook group called Studio Chatterbox.  It’s a gathering place for anyone involved and/or interested in internet radio drams, which I’m starting to think is becoming the new thing around here.  I say this because just yesterday, two members of the group said that they were each producing their own radio dramas.  One was the Justice League and the other was an adaptation of the anime, Baccano.

I’m going to assume that you can guess where this is going.  Obviously, I auditioned for both of these upcoming features.  Now nothing is set yet, but both of the guys said that I totally rocked my tryout.  They said that they were already considering me for certain parts in their radio plays.   I’m still not going to say anything yet or who I might be playing, I don’t want to jinx anything.  Sorry, but you all are going to have to be patient.

That’s all you’re getting out of me this week possibly.  See ya cats later!