To be honest, I never thought I would be having a blog on this site.  I kinda wanted it to be simple and easy to work, plus there are about a billion other blogs out there, but if it helps, I shall welcome it with open arms.  So I guess i’ll say welcome to the newly refurbished site of Evan Bremer Voiceover.

And what a day to start posting actually.  I’m currently part of the Fruits Basket Radio Drama, which is on That Guy with the Glasses.  It’s been on hiatus since October, but just today, I got the script and the green light to record my lines for the next episode, i\’m so happy for that.

For those of you unfamiliar with what you are reading right now, Fruits Basket is one of the most well known shojo manga in the world and JesuOtaku on TGWTG has been making a radio drama adaptation off it.  I auditioned and got the lead part of Yuki Sohma.  To find out more, visit this link and start listening to this.  It\’s amazing!