I thought I might take the time to write about the kind of equipment that I use when doing my voiceover.  Now i\’m not saying that i\’m a total know it all when it comes to having the right tech.  To a certain extant, it\’s sometimes just personal preference and what you are willing to pay.  With enough work, any recording can sound good.  So let\’s take a look at what I got.

Now usually, when buying a microphone to do your voiceover, you\’ll also need to by a sound card.  These handy little boxes have the basic function of letting you plug in your microphone into your computer\’s USB, when usually the mic goes into an amp.  They also have the added function of having a bunch of adjustment knobs on them to help you make small little edits to your recording, such as volume, gain, what direction your microphone will pick sound up from, and so on.

Well, with my microphone, I didn\’t need to buy a sound card.  My mic is the sound card itself.  This particular model is called a Bluecorp Yeti.  This little monster has never let me down and it\’s what i\’ve been using for recording all of my episodes with Fruits Basket as well as my auditions.  This mic cost a little over $300, but I believe that it\’s worth it if you want awesome sound quality and for a 2 in 1 deal of hardwired sound card.  It\’s amazing.











That\’s the hardware I got.  As for software, I personally like to use Adobe Audition.  This has so many function for you to choose from and it allows you to export excellent sound files.  I used to use Audacity, which is a free download, but Audition is worth the extra money.  I will admit that I haven\’t used all of the functions since I never really needed them.  It\’s not like I\’m a DJ or anything.  However, I will say that recording and editing sound files is really easy when using this.







So anyway, thanks for taking the time to listen to my little praises of my two best assets.   Again, I\’m not proclaiming to be a know it all.  Compared to some of the voiceover masters, I\’m still just starting out and they known so much more than I do.  What I will say is that these two things are proven to work and they have never failed me before.

If you ever have any question, just drop a comment down there or you can contact me direction from the contact page, i\’d love to hear what kinda tech you got if you do any kind of voice recording.

With all that said, let the rest of your day be awesome.