You know, I always knew that running a site here and a Like page on Facebook were going to take quite some effort.  I will confess that I didn’t think so at first.  All the support came so easily in the beginning; getting likes from my friends and loved ones and a couple subscribers on my site here.  Well, it’s finally hit the point where I can no longer rely on my close contacts anymore.  I have to reach out now to the vast internet and promote myself to get noticed.  I have to interact with strangers, throw my sites out on to forums, email people, and post actual worthwhile stuff!

Running a site and a like page are hard, especially in the business of something like commercial voiceover.  When it comes to being a voice actor, you get your demos made and post them on your site and then you sit around, occasionally whipping up a blog post like the one you’re reading right now.  Other than blogging, there’s little more one can do.  I cannot deny, however, that I have been lucky for the past couple weeks.  I’m involved in 2 great internet radio dramas and possibly will be voicing in 2 more.  I love my voiceover demos, both animation and commercial, and I cannot deny the support that I’ve gotten from my friends and family.  However, the point being is that for someone like me, I have work to get my name out, and once someone brings me in to work on something, then I have actual genuine material that I can add to my name.

That’s the thing about running a blog about voice acting.  Most of the time, I can’t just create my own content.  I have to wait until I’m actually involved in a project and I can add that to my resume.  Other blogs (from my perspective) have it slightly easier.  I’ve seen some pretty amazing cosplay based blogs and pretty much all they are are just galleries of pictures of someone wearing wonderfully made outfits.  They have an advantage.  When they create content for their sites, its material that matters and they don’t have to wait for someone to sign them up to get material to post about most of the time.  Almost everything they do can be done completely on their own.  Me, on the other hand, I have to wait until someone signs me on to something before I could ever post something that’s actually meaningful.

I would just like to point out that I’m not bashing cosplay blogs.  I think they are wonderful and some of the outfits I’ve seen are just amazing.  I would also like to point out that this is in no way intended to make it sound like I’m depressed or something.  If anything, my blood is on fire and I’m more determined than ever to try and get my name out there.  I also don’t want people to assume that I’m some kind of greedy prick, only working a blog and a like page in order to get attention.   I will confess though, that I did have a rush of attention seeking when I first started out.  However, I remember reading something on twitter that settled me down.

“Remember, the number of followers you have doesn’t reflect your worth.  Hitler had millions, Jesus has 12.”

I’ve been starting to focus more on quality and less on just generating as much content as quickly as possible lately.  What matters is what the people are liking, not how many people like you.


TL/DR: Life is hard, but I’m gonna play harder .