How\’s it going everyone?

I hope you all are having a good con season this year, I know I am!  I got some good news for you all.  I\’ve been getting some comments from friends and others that they were never able to make it to my panel at Anime Central.  Well, you shouldn\’t fret!  I\’ll be hosting my panel again at Anime Midwest this July.

Anime Midwest is another one of my favorite cons.  Unlike Acen or C2E2, it\’s actually much smaller with much less people attending.  As such, it\’s actually a lot more casual and intimate and I get this homey kind of atmosphere, like I can actually take the time to try and get to know people instead of that overbearing feeling of having so much to do all at once.

Anime Midwest will be this July 5th-7th and it will be at the Hyatt at Rosemont, same place where Acen take places.  I hope to see you all there!