What\’s up, everyone!?

Well, I\’m finally back home from Ramencon, my very first out of state convention.  It was a cute little con, about the same size as Anime Midwest.  I really do like these smaller, more social cons.  There\’s always a much more friendly kind of atmosphere.  Sadly, this is going to be another short report.  Sorry, but I honestly just can\’t sit still at panels, thus I never can really talk about them.  I just really like to simply walk around with my friends and see all the stands and artwork.  I like to hang while not actually do anything.

So anyway, we all arrived on Friday and I was dressed up as Khan from Star Trek Into Darkness.  I needed to spray paint my hair black and some got on my face.  I tried to wipe it off…..which didn\’t really work, it just spread around some on my face.  I did the best I could and headed on out.  Surprisingly, people actually recognized me and that made my day.  I didn\’t think they would considering I was wearing a black long sleeve shirt, black pants, and black boots, with the only thing hinting that I was from Star Trek was the emblem on my chest.  I hung out with friends and had a pretty good time.

On Saturday, I dressed up as Dust from the indie game, Dust An Elysian Tail.  This was my first time wearing this cosplay and it was being made by a friend of mine.  It felt awesome to finally be wearing it and for people to also recognize that as well.  It\’s an amazing feeling when people remember who you are and admire you for your work.

Sunday was the end and the whole morning was spent packing and loading stuff back into the car.  I hung out with two awesome friends of mine before they had to leave early and later that day, we had to go as well.

To be honest, while I did have fun at Ramencon, it was honestly not as fun as Anime Midwest.  Maybe Ramencon just felt smaller or maybe I just wasn\’t used to it since I had never been there before. Who knows?  I still had fun and that\’s what matters.

The next con that I plan to go to is Anime Crossroads all the way in Indianapolis.  I hope to see many awesome people there.  In the meantime, please enjoy these pictures I took!


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