Hey guys!

I thought I\’d let you in a on a few updates.  First off, you\’ll notice that my banner has changed.  It used to be 4 black and white photos side by side of myself being stupid with a microphone.  After consulting another voice acting friend of mine, Sheila (whose page you should totally like!) she suggested that it would actually be preferable for me to take photso of myself off my site.  It seems that if someone were to come to my site and the first thing they see are pictures of me, they\’ll subconsciously create a presumption on what my voice sounds.  That is not a good thing to do.  So thanks my friend Casey (who plays Harley on Gotham High) I was given a brand new drawn picture that I really like.  This banner will last me a while!

Some of you may be asking \”But Evan, why do you still have your cosplay pictures on your like page and link to other places that have a lot of pictures of you?\”  Well, here is the thing.  If someone wants to hire me and goes to my site or like page, the FIRST thing that they see will just be drawings, not pictures of me, which is what I want.  I\’m not keeping them from checking out my photo galleries of cosplay, but if they were thinking about signing me on, they would be going to my voice resume and demos, not my cosplay pics, they just wouldn\’t be interested.  I could be wrong, this is all just my impression.  My galleries are still there for all to see, what I\’m saying is that  pics of me won\’t be the FIRST thing people see, and that\’s what counts.  This is all so that the first time they see my pages, they don\’t make any assumptions about who I am or what I sound like.

Now for the next big update.  I want you to look up…..okay higher……higher still….WHOA TOO HIGH….Okay, you see that?  I changed the domain of my site!  Instead of having a lengthy URL like \”evanbremervoiceover.com,\” I am now instead just simply \”evanbremer.com.\”  You may be wondering why I haven\’t done this sooner.  It\’s because the domain of  evanbremer.com was actually already in use until now.  For those who don\’t know, I had an old website back in college that I would use for my video game design projects, which was evanbremer.com.  However, since I\’ve gone full on voice actor, I stopped updating that site and was concentrating on evanbremervoiceover.com.  Over time, I started to get the impression that my URL was a bit too long for people, especially for those who I gave business cards too in the past.  Thanks to a family friend, he was able to change the domain, and so here we are!  For everyone who has business cards of mine that still have the old evanbremervoiceover.com URL, please do not panic.  If you go to the voiceover URL, it will simply redirect to the new URL, you\’re not being cut off.

Those are pretty much all the major updates.  OH!  One more thing (couldn\’t simply type that without thinking of Uncle from Jackie Chan Adventures.)  You know that panel I\’m doing at Anime Central, Voice Acting Industry: How To Get In?  Well, I\’ve been officially confirmed to host it at another con coming up, Anime Midwest.  You can check out the con here:  http://www.animemidwest.com/

Okay, now i\’m fresh out of updates for you sexy people.  Catch you all later!