Hey everyone!

Good news.  I finally figured out something to do with my Youtube page.  It was pretty quiet there without any theme or any kind of good, consistent content, so I’ve made a move to get my name out there.  From this day forth, I’ll be doing dramatic readings of fanfics I find on the internet and I’ll post my readings on my account there.

Now a lot of people already know about me doing this and yes, I did get some criticism.  One of which was possibly hurting the feelings of the writers of said fics.   Let me make something clear to you all.  I have no intention to be a troll or to purposefully hurt someone’s feeling by making fun of their work.  To that end, I’m actually going to be a little picky when it comes to choosing what fics to read.  For example, I would only ever choose stories that are actually pretty decent in my opinion.  Another case would be fics that are actually intended to be bad for the sake of simply having fun, crack fics we like to call those.  I would also read stories that, by popular opinion, are bad, but I still enjoy them regardless.  It’s that kind of feeling you get when you watch a movie that is horrible in many ways, but you still have a good time watching it.  Again, I would never do a dramatic reading to make fun of anyone.

In any case, drop on by my channel and check them out.  I promise that I’ll be posting more dramatic readings as time goes by.